There are a lot of fitness watches out in the world. How can you tell which fitness watch is right for you? With a lot of fitness watches out there, it is helpful to know the features that you are looking for in a fitness watch.

By far the most popular fitness watch is FitBit. FitBit Blaze is a newer model of the brand, and includes a watch. The essential features on the Blaze is heart rate monitor, GPS tracking, and a color touchscreen. The design is sleek, and the monitor is fun.

Garmin has many different styles of fitness watches. A lot of their fitness watches, unlike the FitBit, look like traditional watches. Garmin vivomove has a traditional watch face, with a step tracker bar on one side and another monitor bar on the other side. The Garmin Forerunner is great for endurance athletes, as it tracks long term movement. The Garmin Forerunner also displays weather, which is good for those training for marathons.

The Apple Watch has only been on the market for a short while now, but they have introduced that Apple Watch Sport, made specifically for fitness tracking. If you have an iPhone, you can download specific fitness tracking apps that can be used in conjunction with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch comes with fitness tracking capabilities, including heart rate, GPS, calories burned, and steps taken. Apple Watch also links to the health tracker on your iPhone.

The cheapest option for a fitness watch would be the Everlast Fitness Tracker. Unlike the other fitness watches listed, the Everlast tracker does not have the traditional watch face, but instead a small rectangular screen on the band. This Fitness Tracker tracks steps taken and heart rate. It is a good starter fitness tracker for the amateur starting to work out.

Conclusion and Drawbacks
With each device comes their own unique drawbacks. The FitBit brand has come under scrutiny recently for not having accurate tracking. However, FitBit is the most popular for fitness tracking within not only the athletic community, but for mothers, students, and office workers.
The biggest drawback for the Garmin fitness watches is how large they are, however the watch offers compatible GPS system.
Price is the most concerning with all of these systems, as they range from $190-$300. The cheapest is the Everlast model, at $40, but it is not as versatile as the others.
These four represent the best fitness watches in 2016.

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