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technology-792175_960_720Decades ago, the word “technology” might have made people imagine flying cars and robotic assistants. Nowadays, when you think of technology, your smart phone probably comes to mind. You might think about how your DVR helps you record TV shows to watch later. You might reflect on all the apps that help you get more accomplished in less time.

Technology is more than just your smart phone and laptop. It involves a world that has made knowledge and communication available to just about everyone. You no longer have to be an expert to fix a broken appliance. You can just search for instructions on how to repair your washing machine using the internet. You don’t have to have special equipment to communicate with long-distance loved ones. Just hop on your computer or a mobile device for instant access.

Finding the Right Resource

All the information that’s available to you doesn’t always make your life easier. There are so many websites describing different technology that it can be hard for you to use them to your advantage. Our website is a tool that you can use to find information about technology in one place.

We provide you with reliable data about where technology has been, how it can help you right now and where it is going in the future. We provide you with accurate facts and important news to help you find what you need when it comes to technology.

The content we provide is original and personalized to our audience. We want to give you knowledge that you don’t already have. You can keep coming back regularly for updated information about how you can adapt to the ever-changing world of technology.

Getting Insider Information


You probably use your phone to make calls, send messages, browse the internet and take photos and videos. Are you aware of its other features? You can only fully channel the versatility of technology when you know how to use it.

technology-791030_960_720We let you know all that and more. We’ll tell you about the features that people use the most on their devices as well as the ones that are simply a gimmick. We uncover the best alternate uses for basic technology so that you can get the most out of what you already have. We also provide you with real information about new technology so that you can make better decisions about what your next purchase should be.

It often seems that the information you find on the web is simply provided to encourage you to buy a certain product. We don’t care what you buy. We want you to make the best decisions for you and your family. That’s why we tell it like it is and let you know the ins and outs of the different products that are out there for you.

Keeping You Updated

It’s frustrating when you come across an amazing product online only to find that it’s no longer available. We keep our website current so that you can stay up to date with technology too.

If you hesitate to adopt new technology because you don’t like change, you’ve come to the right place. We explain everything so that it’s easy to understand. We’ll help you use the technology that you already own and make better decisions when it comes to embracing new products, services and devices.

Which is the Right Fitness Watch for you?


There are a lot of fitness watches out in the world. How can you tell which fitness watch is right for you? With a lot of fitness watches out there, it is helpful to know the features that you are looking for in a fitness watch.

By far the most popular fitness watch is FitBit. FitBit Blaze is a newer model of the brand, and includes a watch. The essential features on the Blaze is heart rate monitor, GPS tracking, and a color touchscreen. The design is sleek, and the monitor is fun.

Garmin has many different styles of fitness watches. A lot of their fitness watches, unlike the FitBit, look like traditional watches. Garmin vivomove has a traditional watch face, with a step tracker bar on one side and another monitor bar on the other side. The Garmin Forerunner is great for endurance athletes, as it tracks long term movement. The Garmin Forerunner also displays weather, which is good for those training for marathons.

The Apple Watch has only been on the market for a short while now, but they have introduced that Apple Watch Sport, made specifically for fitness tracking. If you have an iPhone, you can download specific fitness tracking apps that can be used in conjunction with the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch comes with fitness tracking capabilities, including heart rate, GPS, calories burned, and steps taken. Apple Watch also links to the health tracker on your iPhone.

The cheapest option for a fitness watch would be the Everlast Fitness Tracker. Unlike the other fitness watches listed, the Everlast tracker does not have the traditional watch face, but instead a small rectangular screen on the band. This Fitness Tracker tracks steps taken and heart rate. It is a good starter fitness tracker for the amateur starting to work out.

Conclusion and Drawbacks
With each device comes their own unique drawbacks. The FitBit brand has come under scrutiny recently for not having accurate tracking. However, FitBit is the most popular for fitness tracking within not only the athletic community, but for mothers, students, and office workers.
The biggest drawback for the Garmin fitness watches is how large they are, however the watch offers compatible GPS system.
Price is the most concerning with all of these systems, as they range from $190-$300. The cheapest is the Everlast model, at $40, but it is not as versatile as the others.
These four represent the best fitness watches in 2016.

Technology: Social Media

You must have heard someone claiming that everyone is on social media these days, and you agreed with them, right? But what does it mean to be on social media?

People hardly get to the details of trying to define what social media is, but we can all agree that social media is a platform on the Internet where people get to interact with each other individually or in the form of a community, share information and/or images, and collaborate on whatever business they decide to engage in.

Common Features Of Social Media Platforms

e5240d6d59c3351f7a0ac68dec836d95_f253If you are in a group that does not have any of these features, then probably you are not on social media:

A user account: All social media platforms will require users to create accounts before sharing any information with others on the same platform. Usually, people give their names, emails, or phone numbers to complete this stage.

A profile page: A profile page is a page that other users on the same platform will see when interacting with you. This page contains a username, biological information, a photo, recent posts, and other personal information.

Followers/Friends: Depending on the platform you are on, the individual you are connected to can be referred to as hashtags, friends, followers, groups, and the like. You will always have the chance to connect with new people.

Homepage/news feed: This is a page where you find updates from other people on the platform, especially those who are your direct connections or those that belong to any of the groups or communities you are in.

Sharing button: This feature allows you to share information that you have created or that which you have come across online with your friends, followers, connections, groups etc., on that platform. Viral or trending content is that which has been shared by very many people on a particular platform.

The Most Popular Social Media Sites

  • Facebook: Facebook is arguably the most popular social media platform the world over. Facebook has well over a billion unique monthly visits, it has millions of business profiles, and companies collectively spend hundreds of millions of dollars per year on advertising on Facebook.
  • Twitter: Twitter is another giant social media platform that has over 300 million unique visitors every month. People share information over this platform via tweets.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social media platform for people interested in making business links, sharing business networks, and documenting trustworthy professionals. LinkedIn has over 250 million unique visits every month.
  • Google+: as the name suggests, Google+ is Google’s social networking platform, and it has one of the highest unique monthly visits on this list. Google+ is very appealing, is well arranged, and is ideal for sharing images, videos, and even content.
  • Pinterest: A bit different from other social media platforms, Pinterest focuses more on images. This website categorizes images that you find online, where clicking the image reveals more details about it. Pinterest has over 250 million unique visitors every month.

Social media is today’s technology that has brought like-minded people from different parts of the world together, it has promoted the growth of business, it has sharpened people’s creativity, and it has become the most popular entertainment channel.

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Which is the Right Fitness Watch for you?

  There are a lot of fitness watches out in the world. How can you tell which fitness watch is right for you? With a...


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